Hello & Welcome!

Hi, hello! We’re Caitlyn, Cossette, and Mary, and we’re really excited to be launching teatimelit! We’ve always promoted our love for books on various other platforms, but wanted an opportunity to connect with other book lovers and a chance to highlight issues in literature that other people may not talk about. We have a passion for promoting a wide range of literature, and hope you find a new favourite book while browsing our blog! 

We titled our blog teatimelit as we all love tea and literature. There’s nothing better than sitting down with a good book and a nice cup of tea. We initially became friends over a mutual love for theatre and literature, which resulted in us making our own book club. In our book club, we took turns to choose our book of the month, and would review them for fun in our group chat. So, we figured, why not make a blog for it instead? 

We hope you enjoy your time here, and thank you again for checking out our blog! 


Caitlyn, Cossette & Mary.