Wrap Up: May 2021

Hello friends! This month has absolutely flown past, and we can’t believe we’re nearly halfway through the year already! There are so many things to look forward to this June, such as Pride Month and our two picks for teatimereads, so we’re super excited to see what is in store for all of us here at teatimelit. This month Caitlyn read 17 books, Cossette read 36 books, and Mary read 10 books.

Overall it’s been a weird reading month for me. I’ve read a good amount of books, but I’ve struggled to focus. I’ve either been obsessively reading and getting through 60% of a book in one sitting, or slugging through 1-2 chapters an evening. Though, on the upside, of the 17 books I’ve read 8 have been 5 star reads. My favorites of the month include The Other Side of Perfect, Take Me Home Tonight, Malibu Rising, Ace of Spades, One Last Stop, and Arsenic and Adobo. I also loved my rereads of Twelfth Night and Pride and Prejudice. Next month, I’m super excited about our picks for teatimereads and I can’t wait to discuss them with everyone. I’m also really looking forward to We Can’t Keep Meeting Like This, and The Box in the Woods. 

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Posts I Loved Reading: 

  • Katie’s post of her May TBR for Asian Heritage Month was so lovely! She recommended many books that are on my tbr. All of these books look great and I’m looking forward to reading them! 
  • This is such an incredible masterlist of Asian YA Novels! This list is filled with books I’ve read and loved, books I’ve had on my TBR for a while now and haven’t gotten around to, and books I didn’t know and have added to my TBR since seeing the list. 
  • Bella’s post of 5 Reasons to Read Arsenic and Adobo had me running to pick up a copy and now that I’ve read it, I fully agree with this post!
  • I loved Sarah Kuhn’s I Love You So Mochi, so I’ve been really excited about From Little Tokyo with Love and I really enjoyed Celina’s review!

What a month this has been! I’ve had one of the best reading months of my life — which also means it’s been a bad sleep month for me. This month, I read 36 books, and 18 of them were 5-star reads, making it incredibly difficult for me to pick my favorites for the month. I successfully completed the Asian Readathon, and read a couple more of my “if I have time” books! Some of my favorites this month were Luck of the Titanic, the Blood of Stars series, People We Meet on Vacation, Hani and Ishu’s Guide to Fake Dating, and Jade Fire Gold. Next month, I’m really excited to read some of my ARCs, and to read some wonderful new releases! I’m also extremely stoked to reread both One Last Stop and Ace of Spades for tea time reads! 

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Posts I Loved Reading: 

This month has been super good for me reading wise! I read a total of 10 books, and managed to get out of my reading slump, so I’m thrilled to be back on track. My favourite book this month has to be You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry! This book was such a fun read, and I cannot wait to reread it whenever I’m feeling my next slump coming along. You can read my full thoughts on the book here! Otherwise, the rest of my reads this month were pretty average. I didn’t love a lot of them, so here’s hoping June will be the better reading month for me! 

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Posts I Loved Reading: 

  • I loved this reading vlog post by April Lee over at BookedTillMidnight! It’s a super fun post, and it’s interesting to see what books she’s been reading
  • Ahaana’s review of The Ivies by Alexa Donne was written lovely, and I loved knowing her thoughts on the book! 
  • I really enjoyed this review by Sarah over at proseandpaperbacks! This book sounds super interesting, and I look forward to looking more into it! 

We hope that you all had a great month of May, let us know what your favorite reads of the month were and what you’re looking forward to in June!

Happy reading!

12 thoughts on “Wrap Up: May 2021

  1. Lovely post, you guys!! I’m so glad all of you had a good month in terms of reading 💖 I still don’t get how it’s june already?! I read a few books that I enjoyed, especially foolish hearts by emma mills. Hope June goes good for you 🌸😊


  2. okay but the first thingg i need to mention is – cossette?! how did you read 36(!!) books in a month!? your planning skills are ✨ immaculate ✨ haha! you ALL had such amazing, productive reading months omg! thank you so much for including my post! i hope june treats you well! 💖💖


  3. aaawh thank you for including my post, I’m always happy to put some books on other people’s tbr, lol! also…cossette…36 BOOKS? damn haha! either way, i can’t wait for the teatimereads books and hope all three of you have a lovely june!!!


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