Wrap Up: December 2020

This December, Caitlyn read 35 books, Cossette read 28 books, and Mary read 9 books.  Overall, it’s been a good reading month, and a pretty good reading year for us here at teatimelit! Despite everything going on in the world right now, we hope 2020 treated you well, and we’re wishing you a wonderful 2021, filled with lots of joy and good books. 


This has been a great reading month for me! I’ve read a lot of really good books this month, but if I had to pick favorites I would go with, M.L. Rio’s If We Were Villains (my favorite), Roshani Chokshi’s The Silvered Serpents, Kosoko Jackson’s Yesterday is History, Turning Pointe: How A New Generation of Dancers Is Saving Ballet from Itself by Chloe Angyal, That Way Madness Lies, Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas and The Love Curse of Melody McIntyre by Robin Talley. For the first time in a very long time, I read over 100 books in the year and I’m proud to say that I ended up reading a total of 150 books! When it comes to setting reading goals for myself, I usually aim lower than I think I need to so that I feel accomplished when I’ve surpassed the goal that I’ve set for myself. With my work schedule, it’s usually hard to anticipate how much time I will be able to dedicate to reading, but with so many things in the world still up in the air, I’m going to set my goal to 75 books (with the hopes of reading more). Overall, this year has been great for me reading-wise and I definitely think it’s rekindled my love for literature. 

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This is the first month in forever where I’ve actually read everything that’s on my monthly TBR! I’ve read a lot of really wonderful books this month, but if I had to pick, my favorites include Tracy Deonn’s Legendborn, Amparo Ortiz’s Blazewrath Games, Allison Saft’s Down Comes the Night, Ashley Schumacher’s Amelia Unabridged, and Laura Taylor Namey’s A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow. In addition to trying to catch up on buddy reads and ARCs this month, I also got the chance to revisit The Princess Diaries series, which was one of my favorite book series when I was younger. I’m a huge fan of rereading books, especially since I almost always notice things that I didn’t notice the first time around, but revisiting childhood favorites always makes me so nostalgic. I’m really proud of not just reaching my new reading goal of 150, but surpassing it by 21 books, bringing me to a grand total of 170 books read in 2020! I’m currently planning on aiming to read at least 100 books next year, and have been having some fun setting up my 2021 reading journal, which I’m excited to share with you all in January. Overall, I think this was a really good reading month for myself – if not the best I’ve had in awhile, and I’m hoping to spend some time catching up on ARCs in January, as well as read more fantasy! I’m incredibly excited for 2021; there’s so many 2021 releases I’m hyped for, and January 2021 brings the official start of teatimereads

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It was a pretty good month for me in the end! While my reading month started slow, it picked up the closer we got to the end of the year, and I credit that to having 4 days off from work over the holiday period. Most excitingly, I did hit my goal of 60 in December, which is the most books I’ve ever read in one year! This month I reread the From Blood and Ash series by Jennifer L. Armentrout, because I was in the mood to reread one of my favourites from earlier in the year. I also read the first two books in the Lux series, which I’m not loving as much as From Blood and Ash, but it’s still a lot of fun! My favourite book of the month was for sure Rent a Boyfriend by Gloria Chao! Cossette wrote a wonderful review on it, which you can find here. By the end of the month I’m hoping to have read the second book in The Gilded Wolves series, and start These Violent Delights by Chloe Gong, which Cait wrote a blog post for here

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What did you read this month? Let us know in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “Wrap Up: December 2020

  1. I just found out your blog and it’s so nice💓 And honestly I have been obsessing with the new sequel From Blood and Ash by JLA!! It’s so addictive and I can’t get over that sequel (I’m just waiting for the third book to come out in April which seems so far away)! I’m glad you guys had achieved a lot of things and here’s for a happy new year (:

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    1. hi becky!!!!! thank you so much for reading the post – from blood and ash was honestly one of my top books of 2020, and i’m counting down the days to the third one! i hope you had a lovely new year!

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